Why Bodybuilding? 

We would be remiss to say we don't believe that EVERYONE deserves a vacation. But there is a certain sweetness to a reward-well-won. Difficult work delivers a special flavor of satisfaction you'll be hard-pressed to find somewhere else. And in our humble opinion, there is no one on earth who works harder than bodybuilders.

Tahoe Lake Love Premium Vacations is proud to be the premier luxury vacation provider to the most awe-inspiring folks on earth. After weeks, months, and even years of relentless dedication, self-sacrifice, ambition and just sheer blood, sweat, and tears -- there is a certain magic to even the most basic pleaures of life thereafter. Dipping your toes in crystal clear water, sinking into luxury linens, BBQing with friends by a warm fire, and giving the "all-inclusive" a run for their money - it just hits that much harder at the tail end of a long and arduous climb.

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Cap'n ALi has a special connection to the bodybuilding community, being a six time nationally-qualified National Physique Committee (NPC) competitor in the Wellness Division, and an International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) hopeful. You'll find the dedication to the mission of Tahoe Lake Love closely matches those of professional athletes: there is no "if", there is only "when."

In the spirit of the congruencies between Tahoe Lake Love and the bodybuilding community, an unlikely partnership was born. We are proud as hell to be an official and ongoing sponsor of Center Podium Productions. We can be found photographing gorgeous competitors on our boats (!) sponsoring, competing, giving away vacations, and peddling our wares at THREE (3)! jaw-droppingly fantastic Center Podium events annually...

NPC Mother Lode
The Greatest Bodybuilding Show on Earth
May 7, 2022


Captained Boat Photo Shoots
on Lake Tahoe

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