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What to see on your Lake Tahoe boat charter

Chartering a captained boat on Lake Tahoe allows you access to the most historic and breathtaking sightseeing destinations. Revel in jaw-dropping beautiful landscapes and landmarks accessible only by private boat.

Emerald Bay


Emerald Bay is arguably the most famous and sought-after destination in Lake Tahoe. Located on the southwest shore, towering cliffs soar above the bay and vessels of all shapes and styles pour in and out year-round. You can't miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Fannette Island

Fannette Island is the only island on Lake Tahoe. Smack-dab in the middle of Emerald Bay, it is (of course) only accessible by boat. Ask your captain to pull over and tie off at Fannette Island -- you and your crew can hike to the breathtaking panoramic views from the ruins of the Vikingsholm Tea House. This is a must-see on Lake Tahoe.

Eagle Falls


Eagle Falls are breathtaking natural waterfalls that run opposite down the trail from the shores of Emerald Bay all the way up to Eagle Lake -- the views of the bay from this hike are unbelievable, but seeing the falls crash down from a private boat charter might just top it all!

Bonsai Rock

Bonsai Rock is one of Tahoe Lake Love's favorite go-to spots. With natural stone "steps" behind, guests of all skill-levels can swim from the boat and climb easily up the back of this historic rock. At the top, you'll see the wonder of nature as a bonsai tree has found its way up through the deep rock crevices. As a right of passage, you MUST jump off Bonsai Rock into the crystal-clear waters below. It's a Tahoe tradition!


Sand Harbor


Sand Harbor boasts the white-sand beaches, giant bleached boulders, and turquoise see-to-the-bottom waters that make summers in Lake Tahoe truly world-class. Your private charter will anchor inside an almost fully protected cove, flanked by mysteriously well-balanced towers of ancient boulders. Jump off to use the facilities, hike the trails or visit the snack bar!

Cave Rock

Cave Rock is one of the most majestic and awe-inspiring landmarks on Lake Tahoe. Located about  halfway down Lake Tahoe's relatively untouched East Shore, it features a portion of the highway that's been blasted out with dynamite to allow cars to drive through -- calling back to Flintstone times, a cave tunnel through rock towering above crashing whitecap waves.


"Billionaire's Row"


Billionaire's Row is the unofficial moniker for a conglomerate of some of the most breathtaking and mind-bending lakefront mansions you could imagine -- all only viewable from the lake in Incline Village, NV. Some of the wealthiest folks in the world choose to own vacation property in Lake Tahoe, including Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison. The sprawling and private nature of these gargantuan estates means you cannot see hide nor hair of them from the street. A special treat for boaters only -- see how the other half lives.

Cal Neva Lodge & Casino

The Cal Neva Lodge hails back to the golden era of John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack, all of whom are famed to have stayed at this timeless resort. A truly historic landmark in Lake Tahoe, it's been closed to the public for years. Recently, Larry Ellison (the CEO of Oracle) purchased the property and intends to reopen in partnership with Nobu Hospitality. We truly cannot wait!

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 5.23.37 PM.png

Tahoe City Marina


Tahoe City Marina is the hustling and bustling-est destination on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. It features access to a long strip of lakefront shops and restaurants, all within walking distance from the pier where your captain will wait loyally! Some of our favorites are Moe's BBQ, Jake's on the Lake, Cruiser Academy Sailing School, Any Mountain, Bridgetender, Za's, Tahoe Dave's, Mediterranean Cafe Tahoe, Uncork'd Wine Tasting, Blue Agave, Christy Hill , Wolfdale's - the list goes on!

Chambers Landing


Gar Wood's

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 7.33.15 PM.png

Gar Woods is hands-down our favorite boat-in party pier in Lake Tahoe. Located in Carnelian Bay on the North Shore, this hot-spot features the "Wet Woody", the most insane rum drink on the Lake. Dine, booze, lounge and laugh with panoramic lake views. Also visit their sister restaurants: Riva Grill, Caliente Rooftop Bar, Bar of America, & Water Bar

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