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Luxury Tahomes & Guided All-Inclusive Tours


At Tahoe Lake Love, our mission is to ensure you and your guests are fully attended to with more amenities, extras, and comforts than home. All our Premium Vacation Rentals are fully stocked from kitchen basics to robes and slippers to toiletries to beach chairs. All supplies are always included and replenished, even complimentary breakfast and unlimited firewood!


Once you arrive at your Tahome-away-from-home, flip through our in-house publication for recommendations and deals on the best local businesses. Take advantage of our exclusive vacation renter rates ($500 off!) Captained All-Inclusive Boat Charters. Infinitely superior to renting a boat, this guided tour features all-you-can enjoy top shelf drinks and brunch and lunch and snacks and dessert and captain and crew and toys and floats and towels and...well you get the point. 

Choosing Tahoe Lake Love means choosing hosts whose heart and soul is poured into making every detail of your "Alpine Caribbean" getaway unforgettable.

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Two blondes walk into a bar...

It was one of those quaint and divey sorts of spots. Right on the water, a paddlewheel-boat-turned-dank-safehaven of friendly faces and cheap drinks. They sat at a table on the empty patio overlooking the calm waters of the delta, San Francisco Bay's slow and sleepy salt-water sister. 


The two blondes were, in fact, a mother-daughter duo who had just taken a giant leap of faith and started a business together. Throwing caution to the salty wind, they had embarked upon a pursuit into uncharted waters, those neither of whom had any experience navigating (though would not admit at the time). But caution-be-damned! Win had taken a big risk and purchased a vacation rental home in North Lake Tahoe, at her daughter ALi's urging and conviction that they could create something special and better for all those drawn to Tahoe's ethereal magic. 


Today, nearly 5 years later, Tahoe Lake Love Premium Vacations features

8 luxury vacation homes all over North Lake Tahoe and 3 Captained All-Inclusive Tour Boats cruising the glistening shores! Our mission is to curate a superior VIP-style, white-glove approach that is the ultimate up-close-and-intimate experience for Lake Tahoe tourists on land and water. Tahoe Lake Love also partners with dozens of local businesses, employs and offers upward mobility for local entry-level workers up to salaried Director level positions, offers long-term housing & aims to leave a positive lasting impact on our community.


For your next one-stop-shop Tahoe vacation, let us take care of you like family.


Our logo: one eye above the water, one eye below

Cap'n ALi is an eskimo. Well, not really but her ancestors were. Her lineage can be traced back generations to Anchorage, Alaska. For a wedding anniversary one year, Kevin and Win Lee took a luxury cruise through the icy and breathtaking Alaskan waterways. They stopped at a port that was bustling with activity: small artisans bundled up against the elements, their wares spread across pieces of canvas laid over tree stumps and ice sculptures. As the couple disembarked and made way into the town, they stopped at one such artisan's booth, a glimmer of silver having caught their eye.


Win picked up a gleaming round silver pendant that looked something like a tribal mask. Transfixed, she turned the piece over in her hand. The artist was a wise old woman who nodded approvingly.

"One eye open, above the water to hunt. One eye closed, below the water to fish."

That was all she said, as if that explained everything. And in a way, for Win in that moment, it really did. An ancient tribal symbol for the importance of resilience, versatility and making the most of the resources you're afforded. It reminded her of daughter ALi, who hadn't gotten out of the water (not really) since the day she'd been plopped in as a toddler. Her baby girl was still taming the wild seas of life, working her way up to a Dive Master, USCG Captain, Mermaid-by-trade. Today, Tahoe Lake Love embodies the soul of the native Alaskans: be one with Nature, and you shall find peace. And the pendant can be found around Cap'n ALi's neck for eternity.

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Welcome Aboard with the Crew:

Cap'n ALi

Founder : Owner : CEO

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Captain ALi is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and USCG Master Captain. She's an avid creative writer, bodybuilder, and ultimate Calfornia beach-blonde board bum. She lives in South Lake Tahoe now, but has a background in advertising technology having started her career at Google and then other start-ups in Silicone Valley for 10 years before escaping to the mountains. If you ring Tahoe Lake Love, she will pick up the phone. Want to learn to wakeboard? She's your girl. Locals only secret tips? Done. Grab a cocktail? Down for that too.

Win is the heart, soul, founder and Chief Investor of Tahoe Lake Love, without whom none of this magic would be possible. Her parents' hard-work, saving and smart investing blossomed into the seed money for Tahoe Lake Love. She has a background in education, having taught elementary school for over 20 years and then later worked on the corporate side. She is also an accomplished classical pianist with advanced degrees in performance and Music Theory. Win is the proud owner of The Regency and Casa del Sol and Director of our brand new Luxury Events line: customized VIP exclusive private events in Lake Tahoe. She loves hiking, watching the sunset over the mountains, sipping a fine Pinot, and of course-- brunch!


Chief Investor : Head of Luxury Events


Chief Operating Officer

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 7.43.57 AM.png

Larry is our Chief Operating Officer and engine that drives Tahoe Lake Love. He is from the central valley: Stockton, CA and has worked with Tahoe Lake Love longer than any other non-founding team member. He can be found acting as handyman extraordinaire, setting up your luxury twilight event on the beach, making spas sparkling, or tying perfect cleat hitch knots while tour-guiding your all-inclusive boat charter. No detail is too minor when cultivating superior vacation experiences! Larry is our jack-of-all-talents.


Director of Business Development

Francisco is our Director of Business Development, and that's only the beginning. Our resident photographer, videographer, business manager, tour operator, in-house talent and go-to bachelorette entertainment. Don't be surprised to find him anywhere from landing investors and building products to roaring up on a jet ski with 80's sunglasses and a provocative strip tease performance. Hands off, girls!

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Field Operations

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.13.27 PM.png

Maddy is our Field Operations Coordinator and a Tahoe local, she knows more about Tahoe than anyone we've met! She can be found fine-tuning your vacation rental, inflating unicorns, throwing more brewskis on ice, or prepping your wakeboards and surfs! She is also a cocktail waitress & hostess with the mostest who can add sparkle and fun to your private event. 

Ryan & Chris

Mascots : Investors

Ryan and Chris are the Tahoe Lake Love mascots and illustrious investors. The proud owners of The Brothers Alpine and the best riding buddies around, they can be found shredding the gnar at most moments -- and heading to apres promptly thereafter.

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Tahoe Lake Love Corporation est 2017 

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